EU Digital Finance

EU Digital Finance: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR)

Risks and opportunities for financial institutions under new regulatory frameworks

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What will you learn?

  • MiCAR's impact on financial institutions
  • In-depth knowledge of MiCAR's scope and limitations
  • Risk management and compliance strategies in the context of MiCAR

The course is designed for

  • Compliance Officers
  • Risk Management Officers
  • Legal advisors
  • Asset Managers

New EU regulations are bringing crypto-assets into reach for the traditional financial sector. The MiCA regulation introduces uniform rules for the issuance, trading, and custody of crypto assets, aiming to improve consumer protection and reduce risks such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

This course offers banking and financial sector professionals a comprehensive understanding of MiCAR, highlighting both potential risks and opportunities. The course consists of presentations and case studies by top industry experts and regulators, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge that can be directly applied to improving compliance practices, identifying and addressing risks, and capitalising on strategic opportunities.


Regulation & Supervision

  • 9:00 How the MiCA Regulation Makes Crypto-Assets Viable for the Traditional Financial Sector
    - Regulatory clarity fostering trust and increasing financial inclusion
    - The EU’s competitive advantage
    - Consumer demand and the market opportunity
    - How banks are evaluating Crypto-asset related risk

    Laurent Marochini, Head of Innovation, Société Générale Securities Services

    • 9:30 Bringing Forth Regulation for an Entirely New Asset Class
      - The law preparation and implementation process on the EU level
      - The background and scope of the MiCAR and a critical analysis of its limitations
      - What are the key questions of the regulation?
      - The dynamic between MiCAR and the DLT Pilot Regime

      Will Marshall, Policy Officer, Digital Finance, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

      • 10:00 MiCAR Preparations and Implementation on the Supervisory Level
        - Key risks and guidelines related to crypto-assets
        - Collaboration with the national competent authorities
        - Supervision of significant issuers

        - Highlighting main concerns for banks

      Desislava Petrova, Senior Supervision Officer, European Banking Authority (EBA)


      • 10:30 All You Need to Know About the Scope of MiCAR
        - Asset-referenced Tokens (ART)
        - E-Money Tokens (EMT)
        - Utility Tokens
        - Common misconceptions about the MiCAR scope of application

      Aurélia Viémont, Partner, CMS Luxembourg

      • 11:00 How Tokenized Money Will Shape the Future of Finance
        - The progression from cryptocurrencies to tokenised money
        - Programmable payments and atomic settlements in a tokenised world
        - Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) design considerations
        - Innovative experiments with the Norwegian Digital NOK

      Nikolai Nyrud Gobel, Product Manager - Digital Assets, DNB

      • 11:30 Understanding the Evolution of Public and Private Money for Financial Institutions
        - The public and private money landscape
        - Retail and wholesale CBDCs
        - Stablecoin liabilities and the promise of the MiCAR
        - Crypto-asset risk assessment

      Ville Sointu, Chief Strategist, Digital Currencies, Nordea

      Risk & Compliance

      • 12:00 What every bank should know about MiCAR
        - You’re a bank but don’t want to touch crypto at all
        - You’re a bank and some customer deposits are - coming from crypto exchanges
        - You’re a bank and want to launch compliant crypto products
        - Expectations for MiCAR II and beyond

      Mads Ribe, Associate Partner, Legal Counsel, Digital Law & AI Leader, EY

      • 12:30 Mitigating crypto risks with MiCAR
        - Common risk management pitfalls today
        - Crypto native vs. crypto curious companies
        - Savvy systems for implementing MiCAR compliance

      Sven Martinsson, Founder & CEO, VALEGA Chain Analytics

      • 13:00 CASE: EUROe – Building the Regulated Digital Money Infrastructure for Europe
        - Electronic money and getting started before MiCAR applicability
        - Future-proofing compliance for a post-MiCAR world
        - Working together with regulatory authorities
        - Observations on crypto-asset related threats and AML

      Patrik Elias Johansson, Chief Compliance Officer, Equilibrium Group

      Course content


      Meet the speakers

      Desislava Petrova

      Senior Supervision Officer | European Banking Authority (EBA)

      Will Marshall

      Policy Officer, Digital Finance | European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

      Laurent Marochini

      Head of Innovation | Société Générale Securities Services

      Nikolai Nyrud Gobel

      Product Manager - Digital Assets | DNB

      Ville Sointu

      Chief Strategist, Digital Currencies | NORDEA

      Aurélia Viémont


      Magnus Jones


      Patrik Elias Johansson


      Sven Martinsson


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