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Nordic Fintech Summit 2024

#1 Nordic digital banking & digital payments event
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Course content

Meet the speakers

Anna Maj

Fintech Leader, CEO & Founder | CreatLink

Linas Beliūnas

Fintech Executive & Influencer

Georg Hauer

Fintech & Digital Banking Advisor | Former N26 General Manager

David Cunningham

Head of Strategy & Partnerships for Digital Assets, Treasury and Trade Solutions | Citi

Jin Jeong

Managing Director | Apis Partners

Liisa Kanniainen

VP, Strategic Lead | Nordea

Anniina Heinonen

Managing Director, Payments | Wolt

Ove Scavenius

CTO (upcoming) | Eira Blue Securities

Monika Liikamaa

Co-CEO & Co-Founder | Enfuce

Antti Karhu

SVP, Payment Services | OP Financial Group

Liina Samotoilova

Finance Lead | Supercell

Sarah Häger

CCO | Enable Banking

Flaminio Francisci

Director of Customer Values Management and Data Science | Nexi

Anna Haapanen

Partner, Head of Technology & Data | Dittmar & Indrenius

And many more! View the full list of speakers on the Nordic Fintech Summit website.

Full Agenda

Digital Banking – "From Rails to Platforms and Beyond"

  • Banking in 2035: How Money, Loans and Investing Will Change Forever
    - How will banking look in 2035?
    - What will drive innovation in retail banking, and how will it shape the way we interact with our bank?
    - What can we learn about innovation from other countries like China, Korea and Brazil?

    Georg Hauer, Fintech & Digital Banking Advisor | Former N26 General Manager

    • Reinventing Banking: The Next Generation is Now

      Barry De Leeuw, Director Solutions Engineering, Backbase

      • Wall Street Racing to Leverage Digital Assets in “Core Banking”
        - The role of tokens and wallets in building the 24/7 instant cross-border bank
        - Upgrading cash management and trade finance offerings using tokenised deposits and smart contracts
        - Open community or exclusive token services?

        - Leveraging tokenised assets without adding new risks

      David Cunningham, Head of Strategy & Partnerships for Digital Assets, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi

      • Evolving Banking Business Models
        - The current banking paradigm: issues with core application interaction
        - Challenges in modern banking: scale, data and integration issues
        - Evolving banking business models: Digital banks, Embedded Finance and Banking-as-a-Service

        - Moonshot: Banks as the central nervous system of economic activity

      Kelvin Tan, CEO & Co-Founder at audax

      • Unlocking Organic Growth Through Personalisation and Behavioural Finance
        - Help investors make better financial decisions through behavioral finance
        - Unlock a greater share of wallet and retention of assets under management through personalisation
        - Increase engagement and improve client experience with behavioral finance

        - Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
        - Achieve 10%+ organic revenue growth

      James Pereira-Stubbs, Chief Client Officer at Oxford Risk

      Digital Payments – "The Four Pillars of Future Payments"

      • 10:30 All You Need to Know About the Scope of MiCAR
        - Asset-referenced Tokens (ART)
        - E-Money Tokens (EMT)
        - Utility Tokens
        - Common misconceptions about the MiCAR scope of application

      Aurélia Viémont, Partner, CMS Luxembourg

      • 11:00 How Tokenized Money Will Shape the Future of Finance
        - The progression from cryptocurrencies to tokenised money
        - Programmable payments and atomic settlements in a tokenised world
        - Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) design considerations
        - Innovative experiments with the Norwegian Digital NOK

      Nikolai Nyrud Gobel, Product Manager - Digital Assets, DNB

      • 11:30 Understanding the Evolution of Public and Private Money for Financial Institutions
        - The public and private money landscape
        - Retail and wholesale CBDCs
        - Stablecoin liabilities and the promise of the MiCAR
        - Crypto-asset risk assessment

      Ville Sointu, Chief Strategist, Digital Currencies, Nordea

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